The drone industry has a pretty long history, including World War I. Since then it has fastly evolved, now offering a vast array of drones for both commercial or military use.

Here, at Today Best Drone, we focus on searching for some of the best commercial and recreational drones on the market. Our dedicated team covers three large categories: drones for beginners, drones for intermediate users, and drones for advanced users because we do not put the accent on just one type of a drone or a budget limit.

Our reviewing philosophy is to work hard and have fun. This way, we ensure both a reliable review delivered to our readers and use our innate affinity for this type of technology which is used to deliver some of the best shots in both photography and filming.

You are invited to contribute to our site by either giving us suggestions of drones that you would like us to review – information means knowledge, after all. Or to let us know your thoughts about any of the articles on our site by sending us an e-mail via the contact page.