AirSelfie Drone Review: Drones For Taking Selfies

The selfie has been a popular concept for many years now, and apps like Instagram and Facebook further glorify getting the perfect angle in every shot.

So what do you get when you add drones to the mix? You’ll get the newest way of getting the best angles and shots all at the touch of your fingertips.

The Airselfie is one of the higher-rated selfie drones out there, but what is it that makes this little device so popular and what kind of specs does it have to make it highly rated for selfies?

We’ll be answering all of these questions and more in this review where we will look at several of the exciting features that make this item one of the ‘must haves’ of the selfie world.

What Is the Airselfie Drone And How Does It Work?

Airselfie Drone

The Airselfie drone is a miniature-sized device that’s smaller than the average smartphone and about the same thickness as a deck of cards.

This little device functions from an app – supported by Android and iOS—that you can download onto your smartphone, giving you up to three different preset modes to choose from when in operation.

The Airselfie drone originally started as a Kickstarter campaign to secure funding for both the creation and the release of the device, and in April of 2017, those who had backed the crowdfunded project got their first taste of this new technology.

The public release of the Airselfie made people wait only a month after the early release was issued, and ever since it’s been a popular choice on Amazon.

Users found that the drone was light and easy to travel with, weighing in at only 61 grams. It comes with a phone case – or you can purchase its power bank—that fits iPhone and Android models such as the:

  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 7
  • Samsung Galaxy S7
  • And Google Pixel phones

These are the only models that come supported at this time. Other phone models have to purchase an additional power pack from the company to keep their Airselfie charged, and believe us; it would be well worth the investment if you’re always out wanting to use your airselfie or if you plan on vacationing with the little device.

The cool thing about this phone case is that when it fits on your phone, there’s an extra slot on the back where your drone is supposed to reside.

Anytime you need to take a quick selfie, slide it out of its docking space and launch the app. Both the power bank and the phone case give approximately three charges worth before they need to recharge.

The technology behind this little drone is pretty exciting as well. You’ll get a reasonably decent five-megapixel camera to take great shots.

On top of that, you’ll be able to record in 1080p so you can upload awesome videos of parties or views that you use your airselfie. Four brushless fan blades help give excellent control and maneuverability.

One of the major downsides that have been listed over several reviews was that the battery life left a lot to be desired.

You can only fly your little drone for three minutes max before it needs to recharge, which can take up to 30 minutes between each use.

Many people found this feature inconvenient especially when the launching price was sitting at $$.

The Airselfie Holdings Group – the company that invented the airselfie drone – has recently released a more updated model of the Airselfie which can hold up to 16 gigabytes of information and features a stunning 12-megapixel camera and has extended it’s flight time from three minutes to five.

What Makes The Airselfie Drone Unique

One of the more unique features of this drone is that it is so small. Most drones aren’t miniature enough to fit into a small purse much less a back pocket.

This size range is the area where the Airselfie shines if you have a phone that can provide the conveniently sized phone case that sits in your back pocket.

The fact that you can pull it out at a moments notice and get it started up -with some practice – to take some lovely selfies or group photos.

These photos will automatically get saved to your phone thanks to the WiFi connection that the unit generates to connect to your phone.

This feature gives you the option to upload to any social media hub of your choice.

Currently, over 40,000 pictures have been taken an uploaded thanks to the Airselfie owners who have been shamelessly using their drones to their fullest potential.

The flying modes themselves give you the capability of using the full control to get the angles you want or the choice of different pre-set modes to help set your drone up faster.

Another feature that seems unique to selfie-oriented drones is the fact that the fans themselves come encased in the design of the drone, unlike other drones who have exposed blades that could be subject to damage if a device hovers too close to a stray tree branch.

The case is an anodized grade aeronautical aluminum that keeps it lightweight without doing a disservice to its durability.

This drone can fly as high as 65 feet into the air and utilizes sonar to measure its altitude. With the added help of additional smaller cameras installed on the body, the airselfie can keep itself stable in flight.

As a bonus, Airselfies preset features that allow your drone to navigate while it flies without running into the various object are capable of doing so thanks to gyroscopes, barometers and other geomagnetic sensors installed.

These come in handy for its autonomous flying features and its ability to stay in place while it’s taking the pictures you want.

The app gives you all the controls that you need to take a perfect selfie, including a ten-second timer so you’ll have a chance to pose or put away your phone before you take your picture.

The drone is also capable of taking up to eight consecutive shots at a time so you’ll always be guaranteed the best photo of each session.

With the press of a button, your airselfie drone can automatically return to its point of launch. People have said that it can land in your hand, or you can snatch it out of the air without worry about the blades hurting your hand or the other way around.


When the Airselfie first came out, its initial retail price was sitting at $$. For those who were eagerly waiting on this devices release, this price wasn’t a concern.

For the rest of the population, given the limited battery life and the extent of the quality of the camera, $$ was more than what most people were willing to pay.

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Over time the cost of the Airselfie eventually dropped, now available for only $$ on Amazon and their newest model which features many different updates to its original technology is also around the same price. Of course, all of the accessories that come for the Airselfie have separate pricing.

Public Perception (Other Airselfie Drone Reviews)

Many consumers had a lot to say about their opinions regarding their experiences with the Airselfie drone.

The first complaint was regarding the original price of the unit. Even with all the features that come implemented into the drone, many consumers felt like a drone that was meant to focus on taking pictures for social media would have a better camera for the price.

Five megapixels isn’t half bad, but many cell phones have a far better quality camera even when this device initially was released.

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More complaints focused on the three minute flight time, arguing that for about $ more, they could have a drone that took higher quality photos and gave them longer flight time with more features.

However, those same units are more extensive and generally are more for making videos and capturing landscape views.

As a portable device that makes itself available to you for a quick selfie at angles you can’t achieve with just a phone or a selfie stick, the Airselfie is perfect for the job.

It has the technology needed to keep your photos stable and to readily pose your drone where you need it before your picture was taken.

Despite the criticisms that its revived, the Airselfie has achieved resounding success in its sales, and they’ve even taken the complaints that were made from their initial model and improved on the features that were lacking for their new model, the Airselfie two. Both models are now sitting at $199.99 as well which seems to have alleviated complaints in the units price.

How It Compares

Airselfie isn’t the first of it’s kind to come out on the market, and there are a few noteworthy competitors that make the airselfie drone run for its money.

Before we dive into these models, it’s essential to fully understand the difference between what Airselfies end goal is versus what some of these other drone models may have.

DJI Spark

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This model of the drone is at the top of its class if you’re looking for a drone that does just about anything you need it to do.

This drone features up to 16 minutes of flying time, excellent video and panoramic capturing technology thanks to its wide-angle lens with 25 mm equivalent focal length.

While this drone model has all the gadgets needed to make a fantastic video with the sensory technology to follow you where you need it to go, the unit is much larger and less convenient to carry around than the Airselfie.

Additionally, it’s noted that you may have to purchase additional protector attachments to keep your propellers from getting damaged.

By all accounts, this is an impressive model, but if you’re looking for something for the simplicity of a selfie, the DJI Spark may be overkill compared to the Airselfie. As of current, the Airselfie is also the cheaper choice on the market.


The Selfly is an innovative little device that hosts a handful of features that put it at par with the Airselfie.

Its size is small, easily capable of folding into a 10 mm phone case that fits into every four to a six-inch smartphone in existence which is already a step up from the Airselfie’s limited phone brand phone cases that are also much bulkier in comparison.

The little drone features autonomous hovering capabilities, take it out of the case and let it fly right out of your hand.

You’ll have full control of different viewing angles and has a battery life for up to four minutes which gives you a minute longer than the Airselfie.

Paired against the original Airselfie model, this is the clear winner, but with the recent release of the Airselfie 2, the features are about on par with the Selfly hitting higher marks on the price.

If you’re looking for a different alternative to the Airselfie, this would be the model that you’d want.

Eachine E50

eachine e50

Another drone that stays small and compact for easy travel, the Eachine E50 is roughly the size of a cell phone, capable of fitting into your pants pocket or purse without much difficulty.

This drone has been marketed as the most affordable drone on the market, sitting at just $ on Amazon as of current.

The camera itself isn’t too impressive, videos only come in 780p, and the quality of pictures leaves a lot to be desired.

However, you’ll get between eight and fifteen minutes of fly time after about 120 minutes of charging.  Its range sits at roughly 40m, giving you optimal ability to see gorgeous views.

As a competitor for the Airselfie, it only beats it at a price and flies time. The camera leaves much to be desired especially in the event of having this drone specifically for selfies. For the price, this makes an excellent drone to interact with.

Comparison Table

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What We Think

The Airselfie and in its design is a durable and neat little drone that does as it’s company promises.

When its original launching price was set at $300.00 for the individuals who didn’t pre-pay to help this product launch, we may not have been so eager to agree that this product was worth the price.

This fact was especially true given that it’s camera quality and flight time was severely limited. However, the price drop and the accessibility through significant sites like Amazon make it far more worth the price that’s set, especially if you’re the type to be addicted to selfies and want to get memorable photos.

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