12 Best Drones for GoPro Cameras in 2022

Many fans of GoPro cameras swear by them for everything from extreme sports photography to taking videos from high-altitude drone flights.

So, we wanted to find out which is the best drone for GoPro cameras and what technology they use.

It’s hard to narrow down the list since the market is quickly becoming flooded with many decent GoPro-compatible quadcopters.

Exotic drones featuring GoPro mounts are getting more popular as well, so we figured it would be best to narrow things down by looking at the price range, build quality, features, and user reviews to get you a list of products competing to be the best drone for GoPro equipment.

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5 Best Drones for GoPro

12. DROCON Blue Bugs Brushless Motor Quadcopter Specs & Features

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We recommend this model to all beginners looking to acquire the best drone for GoPro equipment. The amazing features of this GoPro compatible quadcopter come at an affordable price.

For around $100, you will get a 18-minute long flight time and a 300-meter control range.

The 720P camera supports shooting 720 25fps with 2-megapixel photos, while the wide-angle lens allows you get more creative with your footage.


  • Advanced brushless motor.
  • Affordable.
  • 360° flips and rolls.


  • Some problems with the battery reported.

11. Altair Aerial Drone with Camera Mount Specs & Features

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This powerful quadcopter is not only one of the best cheap drones for GoPro, but also one of the most user-friendly.

With a long flight time (15-17 minutes), a 300-500 meter range control, and a 6-axis gyro, the Altair drone provides high speed and easy handling.

The action camera mount is compatible with GoPro Hero 3 and 4 cameras, allowing users to take amazing HD aerial footage. This is the best drone for GoPro recommended for beginners.


  • Long range and flight time;
  • Affordable, it costs around 100 dollars;
  • Suitable for beginners;


  • Not compatible with GoPro Hero 5;

10. RCtown MJX X102H RC Quadcopter

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With an affordable price tag (under 100 dollars), the RCtown MJX quadcopter is certainly one of the least expensive quadcopters that can mount an official GoPro camera.

Its unique design and attractive colors make it easy to spot, so you won’t lose your investment in an excellent camera.

The quadcopter is compatible with any C4015/C4016/4018 camera /gopro/xiaoyi/sj camera, which is not included. A live video feed will let you see exactly what your flying camera is seeing right on your mobile device.


  • Inexpensive;
  • Dual flight speed control;
  • Strong magnet motor;
  • Headless mode;


  • Anemic battery life cuts flights to around 11 minutes;
  • Some early units were defective;

9. Dayan Anser High-Speed Copter

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While the Dayan Anser high-speed copter can actually mount several different types of cameras, it’s designed with the GoPro series in mind.

The drone is certainly strong enough to hold some of the heavier GoPro models. It’s essentially a stripped-down version of the full Independent ESC drones that made it higher on this list.

This GoPro compatible drone has a high-capacity battery and a camera holder that supports GoPro Hero HD cameras and Xiaomi Hiaoyi motion cameras.

As such, it is one of the best GoPro drones for taking stunning HD images/video.


  • 19 minutes of battery life;
  • Mounted smart transmitter system;


  • Instructions are poorly translated;
  • Relatively short flight distance;

8. DJI Phantom 2

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DJI’s Phantom 2 is an excellent 3-axis quadcopter drone that comes with an intelligent charger.

You won’t have to worry about overcharging your drone, since it takes care of this itself with sophisticated electronics.

It is one of the best drones for GoPro due to its super flight stability that enables you to take smooth, professional video and photos. The drone is compatible with GoPro Hero3, Hero3+, and Hero4 cameras.


  • GPS flight mode;
  • Long 25 minute flight time;


  • High cost;
  • Some gimbal assembly is required;

7. GoPro Compatible HD Camera Drone – “Force1 F100” 

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You can use GoPro Hero 3 or 4 cameras with the F100 brushless drone to capture amazing aerial photos and videos.

This GoPro compatible drone from Force 1 has both high and low-speed controls. As such, it is suitable for both beginners and advanced pilots.

Very affordable and with many positive reviews, this might be the best cheap drone for GoPro.


  • The drone can be found for around $100;
  • Long flight time (12 minutes);


  • Some users reported problems with the battery charger;

6. Ei-Hi S900R Drone

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You can have the Ei-Hi S900R for less than $150, which puts it right in the middle of the pack as far as price tags go.

It features a decent battery life as well as a fully functioning headless mode, which should keep you focused on taking photos rather than worrying about your drone’s vitals.

Compatible with GoPro Hero 4, this drone is suitable for beginners due to the one key return function and headless mode.


  • Features 3D lock system;
  • Includes 6-axis Gyro;


  • Stabilizers are sometimes faulty;
  • Some assembly required;

5. DJI Phantom Aerial UAV

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DJI has one of the better names in the field of drone manufacturing, and their GoPro offering can fly upwards of 15 minutes before you have to recharge it.

Its symmetrical design keeps the drone stable, so you can take good photos in the wind. This trait deems it fit for our best drone for GoPro list.

This high-end aerial UAV drone quadcopter is recommended only for outdoor use, and advanced pilots who want to capture professional videos of sports or events.


  • Naza-M autopilot system takes over most controls;
  • Fast 22mph speed;


  • Costs around $400;
  • DJI makes several different kits, all of which have different components;

4. Force1 F100 Ghost

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Force1 drones have an extremely long battery life, even when they’re carrying a full-sized GoPro camera.

It’s somewhere between a beginner’s drone and a professional’s UAV, which makes it ideal for those trying to move up to something that will let them take great photos, but might not be able to fly heavy vehicles yet.

The drone comes with an HD action camera and a GoPro mount, compatible with GoPro Hero 3 or 4 cameras.

Reasonably priced and user-friendly, this is another good choice for the best cheap drone for GoPro.


  • Costs under $200;
  • Features brushless motors, which reduce how much maintenance is necessary;


  • Altitude hold may not work right;
  • Doesn’t support all GoPro cameras;

3. 3DR Solo Drone

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With a price tag that hovers somewhere around $300, the 3DR Solo Drone does its best to deliver a great GoPro experience to those who pick one up.

It’s one of the few drones in its class that allows pilots to set various aerial imaging-specific flight modes, and so we think it fits for our best drone for GoPro number 3 spot.


  • HDMI port connectivity;
  • Full App for iOS and Android devices;


  • The Solo Gimbal, a 3-axis stabilizer compatible with GoPro HERO3+ or HERO4 action cameras is not included in the pack. It should be ordered separately.

2. Bugs3 Drone with GoPro SJ Camera Mount

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While you might expect drones that cost under $150 to have very little power, the Bugs 3C Quadcopter can lift a great deal due to its brushless motor assemblies.

These motors also help cut down on the amount of heat the drone generates, which can expand its lifespan quite a bit.

This is the best drone for GoPro that has a super long flying time (35 minutes) and amazing power and wind resistance.

Its gimbal mount is compatible with GoPro 3, 3+, 4, SJCAMS, SJ4000, SJ7000 cameras.


  • Four brushless motors;
  • Low friction during flights;


  • No spare batteries available;
  • Thin plastic blades;

1. GoPro Karma

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Though it can cost around $1,000, the GoPro Karma does what few other GoPro compatible drones do by carrying GoPro’s official stamp of approval.

This drone was specifically designed to work with all of the latest GoPro HERO cameras, which means it can take stunning giant 1440×180 or 1080×120 frames without any lines.

It even folds up, so you can carry it with you if you happen to be out on the trails. This makes it the best drone for GoPro cameras.


  • Karma Stabilizer offers shake-free video;
  • Entire drone folds up to fit in case;


  • Some units won’t seat batteries well;
  • No service from GoPro outside the United States;

Bottom Line

Unlike other drones, the GoPro Karma actually has an official endorsement from GoPro itself, which makes it the best drone for GoPro cameras.

The drone is remarkably lightweight even when you mount your camera on it, and this makes it particularly easy to fly compared to other GoPro compatible quadcopters from third-party developers.

Of course, there are offers for those who love shooting videos up in the sky. So make sure to check these best drones for video shooting.

Thank you for reading our review of the best drones for GoPro. Your opinion is important to us. So leave your impressions, suggestions or just let us know you like what we do in the comments section below!

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