10 Best Quadcopter Reviews in 2022

It’s getting to the point where it’s hard to select the best quadcopter because so many companies make decent models.

Only the clone models are truly poor these days, and many people purchase drones based on their personal preferences.

While we took a look at everything from specifications and features to user reviews, you shouldn’t consider the slotting of any of these drones to be hard and fast.

You might prefer a lower-ranked drone because it has something to offer that a higher-ranked one doesn’t.

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5 Best Quadcopter Drones

10. Holy Stone U818A Specs & Features

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With an affordable price tag, the U818A drone has attracted plenty of fans. You should have no difficulty executing difficult 360° flips with the included controller function. The controller looks and feels very professional.


  • Full 9-min. flight time on a single charge
  • Comes with a pair of goggles


  • Unusual shape is somewhat flimsy

9. U845 Wi-Fi Drone Specs & Features

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The U845 drone is one of several prominent UDI drones on the market, but it looks nothing like any of the other units the company offers.

It’s sort of like an inverted flying saucer, which gives it very interesting flight dynamics. The altitude control system is among the easiest to use, which makes it ideal for beginners.


  • 4GHz remote controller suffers from little interference
  • One button Take Off/Landing system


  • Doesn’t support Windows smartphones

8. Holy Stone X400C Specs & Features

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While Holy Stone claims the X300C should fly for around 8 minutes per charge many users claim it can fly for twice as long before the battery dies.

It features a special cage around the rotors to prevent them from getting damaged. The FPV camera lets you send video to your iOS or Google Android device.


  • Compatible with iPhone 6s
  • Extremely stable in flight


  • Can be difficult to figure out how to start the motor
  • Smaller than many people think

7. QCopter Gyrocopter Specs & Features

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The QCopter is offered in a number of configurations, but the base drone underneath the hood doesn’t change regardless of what type of unit you buy.

A single charge is usually enough for around 15 minutes of flight time. The kit contains a second battery to help extend this.


  • Variety of designer colors
  • Costs less than $80 on average


  • Camera isn’t the clearest

6. Potensic U42WH Specs & Features

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Note: The Potensic U42WH quadcopter is currently unavailable, but you can check out the F181DH RC model instead.

The Potensic U42Wh is very easy to fly outside. The HD Wi-Fi camera lets you record all your footage straight to your smartphone without any issues. A single charge should last for around 15 minutes or so.


  • Kit comes with replacement parts
  • Air pressure sensors stabilize flight


  • Stationary camera won’t tilt
  • Some complain about generic aesthetics

5. Cheerson CX-32W Specs & Features

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The Cheerson CX-32W is an affordable option, and that price covers both control modes for the drone.

You can use it to easily stream video to a mobile device, but many fans of this Cheerson model like simply flying it around. It’s a good unit to practice some basic aerial tricks on.


  • Features WiFi FPV video transmission
  • Complete with motion sensors


  • Must supply mobile device
  • May need extra batteries

4. GoolRC V686G Specs & Features

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Some fans rank the GoolRC V686G drone as the best quadcopter in its class. GoolRC did an excellent job with all of the flight electronics. The LED lights are bright and the gyros always keep it properly stabilized.

  • Easy to keep properly oriented
  • Great flight dynamics


  • Light covers easily come off
  • Camera sometimes requires adjustments

3. TDR Robin Specs & Features

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The TDR Robin drone is a 5.8GHz miniature headless drone that takes fairly good aerial videos, but the real selling point is its remote controller.

It looks something like a small arcade cabinet with a video screen protected by a sun shield, which makes it easy to always see exactly what your drone sees.

The views can be quite amazing at times.


  • Costs less than $90
  • Very intuitive controller


  • Flies for only around 6 min.
  • Easy to accidentally activate auto return

2. GAEA 210 Quadcopter Specs & Features

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Note: The GAEA 210 is currently unavailable, but until it gets back in stock you can take a look at the DBPOWER Predator U842 quadcopter. 

The GAEA 210 is an impressive drone that made the top of our list as the best quadcopter. It features a full carbon fiber quad frame that’s molded over the motor covers. This makes the entire design solid.

The NAZA 32 rev6 flight controller features both automatic and manual modes. Those who want to train as serious pilots can try doing everything on their own.


  • Extremely customizable
  • All non-metal parts are made from carbon fiber


  • You’ll need to add in your own camera
  • Doesn’t include a battery

1. Syma X5UW Specs & Features

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With a Syma X5UW, you’ll be able to plan a flight path soon after you get it charged up. This is probably the best quadcopter for those who want their drone to help them chart a course because the SYMA GO software can take care of route calculations automatically.


  • Offers official app
  • Ships with memory card


  • Battery life can sometimes shoot down to 5 min. or less

Bottom Line

While we rated the Syma X5UW as the best quadcopter currently on the general market, either of these great options can fulfill your needs.

When choosing your drone, pay attention to the specs and what other users had to say about it. We’ve listed both advanced and more basic options.

If you’re a beginner, then you might want to stick to a simpler model.

Please let us know what drones you’ve had experience flying and if there are some quadcopters you like more than the ones that made our list. 

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