10 Best Video Drone Reviews With Buying Guide

In our quest for the best video drone, we researched not only the manufacturer’s specifications, but we also looked at tons of user reviews.

These are what we felt were the 10 best aerial video drones on the market today when it comes to price, reliability, and ability to capture solid video.

A number of video drones can also take excellent still shots, and we took that into account when we set out to rank them.

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10 Best Video Drones Overview

10. Freefly Alta 8 Specs & Features

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The Freefly Alta 8 is an incredible piece of equipment. It’s an 8-rotor aerial drone that can carry up to 20 pounds and flies for such a long time that the company doesn’t actually certify the battery length.

Due to the Sky and Ground configurations, the drone is able to take unbelievable cinematic aerial shots.  View It’s best to fly it outside, since it will need a lot of room.

Unfortunately, it ranks low on the list because its price ranges from around $11,000-12,000, which isn’t realistic for most buyers.

Couple this with the fact that it requires registration, and you have a dream that won’t be fulfilled any time soon.


  • Best-in-class battery performance;
  • Stunning video;
  • Ability to mount nearly any camera you’d like to it;


  • Unrealistically expensive;
  • Heavy enough to require extensive FAA registrations;

9. Ehang GHOSTDRONE 2.0 Specs & Features

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The GHOSTDRONE by Ehang features a very unusual inverted design that you won’t see from many other manufacturers.

This design helps to keep the vehicle controlled when there are high winds. The price range is quite vast, with units up for sale for anywhere from $170-900.

It’s one of the best aerial video drones for filming athletic events.


  • 4K Sports Video Camera;
  • Compatible with iOS and Android phones;
  • Range of up to 25 minutes with a half-mile range;


  • Some camera settings have low FPS;
  • Poor documentation;

8. DJI CP.BX.000212 Specs & Features

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While it might have a rather strange name, the DJI CP.BX.0A00212 is one of the best video drone models designed for professionals who need around 15-20 minutes of flight time while filming the action below.

The fast reaction time of its lenses makes it perfect for capturing anything that’s fast moving. Unfortunately, the price of around $2,800-3,000 will keep it out of the hands of most UAV pilots.


  • 2K image processing system;
  • 360° rotating gimbal;
  • Features control via app;
  • Smart flight modes;
  • High image quality;


  • Extremely expensive;
  • May require registration in some areas;

7. Yuneec Typhoon H Specs & Features

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You can order the Yuneec Typhoon H drone for around $1,800-2,000, which is a really good deal in many ways since it comes with a complete repair kit and a video monitor mounted in the remote controller.

The electronics can drain the battery, but you’ll know after 12-15 minutes if you still have enough juice for an outside flight.

The controller folds out to make a full ground station. The device has many cool features, such as automatic take-off, land, home return, GPS-stabilized flight control, and 8 intelligent flight modes. It is extremely easy to fly, and one of the best video drone for beginners.


  • Kit comes with extra repair parts;
  • 360° CGO3+ Camera;
  • Comes complete with case;


  • Bundled Ritz camera suffers from defects at times;

6. Yuneec Tornado H920 Specs & Features

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The same company that makes the Typhoon offers the Tornado H920 drone at around $3,000-3,200, though it should be noted that the telemetry controller system is actually a full-sized Android device.

The 5.8GHz video downlink system offers excellent shots, but the fact that it only offers SD video kept it from moving up the list of otherwise great outdoor drones.


  • Compatible with other YUNEEC parts;
  • Features carbon fiber frame;
  • Comes with Panasonic GH4 camera;
  • Ready to fly;


  • Somewhat fragile and complex;

5. AirDog Action Sports Drone Specs & Features

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You can fly the AirDog drone from an included watch, and it follows along with the action you’re filming.

Surfers and skateboarders stand by it to take radical videos, and it can certainly hold up to anything you throw at it.

It is the best video drone for sport. The LiDAR ground collision system prevents accidents, but many users thought that the $1,300-1,500 price tag entitled them to the camera as well.


  • Unique AirLeash remote controller sits on watch band;
  • Waterproof design makes it worth putting on our best video drone list;


  • Requires additional camera before functional;

4. DJI Phantom 4 PRO+ Specs & Features

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DJI offers new Phantom 4 PRO+ kits at a cost of around $2,000, though you might have many of the products in the kit as it is.

Users are able to take smooth aerial footage with this drone, due to the gimbal stabilization technology and hover function.

The five-direction obstacle sensing system should let even new pilots fly this excellent drone while capturing great video.


  • High-resolution camera;
  • Very hefty battery;


  • Kit comes with many things you might already have;
  • Requires compatible mobile device;

3. Ehang AVR-iOS-05-3 Specs & Features

As long as you have a compatible mobile device running the right app, you can look through the included goggles for an incredible view.

The FPV drone can make you feel like you’re flying outside, and the whole kit should cost around $900. 

You will be able to shoot 12 mega pixel photos and 4k videos with this drone camera, while the stability and weather resistance features increase flight performance.


  • Long battery life;
  • Extended view camera;


  • Requires mobile device;

2. DJI Inspire1Pro-X5 Specs & Features

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You can have an Inspire1Pro drone for around $3,400 or so, though DJI offers a number of different similar kits. This drone takes excellent video when it’s steady.

While some users were concerned about a cut in flight time, it should still stay aloft for 15-18 minutes when outdoors.


  • 720p video streaming to Android devices;
  • Several integrated camera modes;


  • Requires DJI parts;

1. Autel Robotics X-Star Specs & Features

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With an excellent remote controller that also seats an iOS or Android mobile device, and an excellent gloss finished, the Autel Robotics X-Star Premium is ready to take on large indoor spaces as well as the great outdoors.

Our first best video drone is a professional quadcopter that flies for around 25 minutes on a single charge. But some users say that they can get a full half-hour out of one depending on how they fly it.

A specially-designed 3-axis gimbal coupled to the navigational system ensures that you’ll always capture crystal-clear video since the drone won’t get knocked around.


  • 2-mile camera view;
  • Free app for iOS and Android;
  • GPS/GLONASS navigational system;


  • Rather expensive, but certainly more affordable than some others;
  • Must get replacement parts from Autel;

Bottom Line

By combining a mobile app with a traditional controller, engineers made the Autel Robotics X-Star Premium a pleasure to fly.

It’s expensive, but we rated it highly because you’re getting a lot for what you pay. The kit includes a hard case as well as some other accessories that make it worth it for experienced pilots who need a drone that can really perform.

If you’ve had any experience flying the X-Star or any of the other video drones on our list, then we’d love to hear about it. Let us know if we missed one that you think is the best video drone out there today!

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