10 Best Cheap Drone Reviews in 2022

So many people who want to buy their very first drone don’t want to spend much money, so we compiled this list of what we felt were the top 10 best cheap drones.

We based our findings not only on price but also on what other users thought about them as well as how durable they are.

While they might not offer the same features more expensive models do, many of these units are extremely light and therefore are orders of magnitude beneath the FAA registry requirements.

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5 Best Cheap Drones Overview

Drone NameCamera TypeVideo ResolutionNumber of RotorsFlight TimeRemote Control TypeAmazon RatingOur Rating
1. JJRC H207 min.NoneN/A6Two-stick 6-axis4 stars4.5 stars
2. Cheerson CX-108 min.NoneN/A44-channel Dual Stick4 stars4 stars
3. Onlydroid Mini Quadcopter6 min.NoneN/A4Dual Stick 6-Axis Control4.5 stars3.5 stars
4. Eachine H8 Mini7-8 min.NoneN/A4Dual Stick3.5 stars3 stars
5. Kingtoys Mini UFO5-6 min.NoneN/A4Dual Stick with Keys4 stars3 stars

10. UFO 3000 Specs & Features

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The UFO 3000 drone features a great set of lights that are perfect for outdoor flights that can last upwards of around 10 minutes.

It’s certainly more expensive than other cheap drones, but the long flight time makes up for it.


  • Brighter LEDs than most cheap drones
  • Comes with a second battery to double flight times


  • Very unusual appearance
  • Lacks headless mode

9. Wonder Chopper RC Stunt Drone

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Wonder Chopper’s offerings in the field of cheap drones always seem to feature two batteries, and those in the Stunt Drone can each run for around six minutes both inside and outside.

The propellers on it are huge, which make it perfect for pulling off certain types of stunts. They can be fragile, though.


  • Huge propellers
  • Stable when pulling off stunts


  • Controller needs 6 dry-cells
  • Rather expensive as far as cheap drones go

8. UDI Freedom U32 Specs & Features

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Note: The UDI Freedom U32 is currently unavailable, but you can check out another great option from UDI, the RC 818A model that comes with a Full 720p HD video recording and camera.

The UDI Freedom U32 seems to always perform great inside if you have enough room, and it can run for around 9-10 minutes if there’s no breeze.

The fact that its batteries can sometimes die early kept it from moving up the list.


  • Can fly completely inverted
  • Flips with the push of a button


  • Batteries sometimes die prematurely
  • Elastic parts can bend

7. TDR Spider Quadcopter Specs & Features

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The TDR Spider quadcopter flies inside and out and features one of the most unusual appearances of any drone on the market.

It’s even painting to look more like an animal. The 5-8 minutes of flight time might drain out quickly if you take it too fast, however.


  • Very unique novelty piece
  • Parts sturdy enough to take a hit now and then


  • Looks strange when flying inverted
  • Odd shape leads to weird flight dynamics

6. XT FLYER Specs & Features

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Note: The XT FLYER quadcopter is currently unavailable but you can check out another affordable option from Littleice, the JJRC H98WH RC drone with a  0.3MP camera, WiFi, and 2.4G technology.

The XT FLYER drone has a self-righting cage design that keeps the head pointed toward the sky to prevent you from crashing it, even if you’re flying outside.

This doesn’t influence the 7 minutes or so of flight time you get from a single charge. You won’t feel like you’ve paid too much for it either.


  • Self-righting design prevents crashes
  • Fast charging time


  • While cage prevents damage to drone, it can get damaged itself

5. Kingtoys Mini UFO Specs & Features

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It doesn’t take too long to charge the Kingtoys Mini UFO drone, but you won’t get much more than 5-6 minutes of flight time out of a single charge.

You can fly it outside even if there’s a light breeze, which is more than can be said of many other cheap drones.

The included headless controller functions within the manufacturer’s stated specifications.


  • Very easy to work on with included tools
  • Controller is light enough for even children


  • Relatively unattractive aesthetic design
  • Rotors can easily bend

4. Eachine H8 Mini Specs & Features

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While it’s certainly an inside drone, the Eachine H8 drone is a great UAV for first-time pilots who’ve never flown one before.

The battery lasts long enough to give you 7-8 minutes of flight time with each charge. The LEDs are bright enough to illuminate it in a dark room.


  • Standard USB charging system
  • Easy gyroscope calibration


  • Very fragile rotor design
  • Parts too small to work with easily

3. Onlydroid Mini Quadcopter Specs & Features

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Onlydroid offers this mini quadcopter drone at some of the lowest prices in the industry, and you can usually find it at a very convenient price.

The special 2.5GHz/2.4GHz hybrid control system cuts down on interference when you fly it outside.


  • Quick charging time
  • Functioning one-key return


  • Strange controller design with flat antenna
  • Must use special pattern to calibrate gyroscopes

2. Cheerson CX-10 Specs & Features

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With an affordable price and an automatic power shutoff system to make outdoor flights safer, the CX-10 drone packs a lot into a very small package.

In fact, this drone is small enough to comfortably fit into the palm of your hand. You can usually get around 8 minutes of flight out of the unit, but the 3.7V battery is standard so you could easily swap it out with a spare when you want to have more than one session at a time.


  • Extremely tiny
  • Offered in several designer colors
  • Miniature LEDs make for easy night flights


  • Remote controller feels rather cheap
  • Offers only three modes of speed

1. JJRC H20 Specs & Features

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Note: The JJRC H20 quadcopter is currently unavailable but you can take a look at the JJRC H68 RC model with a 2MP 720P HD camera and a guaranteed 40 minutes flying time.

Perhaps the most notable feature of the JJRC H20 drone is how much nicer it looks than nearly all the other cheap drones on the market. They can fly for an impressive seven full minutes on a regular 45-minute charge.

This is even more impressive when you consider the fact that all six propellers spin independently. The six-axis gyro system keeps it from tilting over even if you’re flying it outdoors.


  • Excellent glossy paint job
  • Great battery life for what it offers
  • Modulated 2.4GHz transmitter cuts down on interference


  • Remote controller needs three AAA batteries
  • Can only fly around 30m because of its size

Bottom Line

We ranked the H20 at the top of the best cheap drones list because it actually holds together pretty well for something in its price range.

The manufacturer even offers headless operation, so you won’t have to adjust it before you fly it.

Some users complained about the lack of a camera, but most cheap drones that come equipped with cameras don’t work all that well so we didn’t rate that against it.

If you have any experience flying any of the drones we listed, then we’d love to hear what you thought about it. Always be sure to send in any questions about any of the drones on your wish list too!

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