Drone Landing Pads: The Best On The Market

It can be risky landing your drone on a pebble and sand-filled beach, but the footage is worth it. What can you do to protect your drone from the elements as it touches down on the Earth?

A drone landing pad will protect your drone from the harsh elements of the ground and can be easy to find in the first-person view. A landing pad can make your drone flights go much smoother.

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How We Reviewed

We reviewed 10 landing pads of various sizes and prices. We compared features on the landing pads such as reflectiveness, LED lights, color, pad quality, water and UV resistance, print quality, included accessories, stake design, and folding. We found a range of landing pads that offer something for every user.

Overall Price Range

We found that most of the landing pads had a similar size of 30 to 32-inches. The highest-priced landing pads were made of materials other than nylon and had larger sizes.

The highest-priced pads also had no-stake designs and other features that helped with ease of use.

The lowest-priced landing pads were smaller than 32-inches or offered few features that stand out. Most of the pads on our list were of a similar price.

10 Drone Landing Pad Reviews

1. RCstyle Drones Landing Pad Universal Waterproof

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The RCstyle landing pad is waterproof and sun-proof to keep the colors from fading. The RCstyle landing pad easily folds up to store in the protective bag included in the set.

The RCstyle landing pad features 8 reflective strips to improve your ability to land in low visibility environments.


The RCstyle landing pad is 31.5-inches when unfolded and folds to under 12-inches to store in the pouch.

2. PGYTECH Landing Quadcopter Launch Pad

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The PGYtech landing pad features one bright orange and one cool blue color side, so it stands out in any environment.

The PGYtech landing pad includes 8 reflective strips to land in low visibility environments. The PGYtech landing pad features high-quality printed graphics and is waterproof to prevent the colors from fading.


The PGYtech landing pad is 30-inches unfolded and can be folded to 12-inches in size.

3. Hoodman Drone Landing Pad

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The Hoodman landing pad is available in 4 sizes. Hoodman offers a 2-foot, 3-foot, 5-foot, and 8-foot size. They fold to roughly a quarter of their size.

The Hoodman landing pad does not have to be held into the ground with stakes, so you can use it on any surface.

Hoodman includes a zinc-coated perimeter cable that lines the landing pad with a hefty weight to keep it on the ground.

The components of the Hoodman landing pad are durable and rust-free. You can easily clean the Hoodman with a wet towel.


Hoodman offers its landing pad in an 8,5,3, and 2-foot size. They fold up to fit into a carrying case roughly a quarter of their size; 8-foot folds to 24-inches and 2-foot folds to 9-inches.

4. KINBON Drone Landing Pad

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The ​KINBON landing pad features an American flag design that is sure to turn heads and has visibility in any environment. It is reversible and features the same design on both sides.

The ​KINBON is made of high-quality nylon. It has a UV protection rating and is waterproof with an IP44 rating. The ​KINBON includes 8 reflective strips for visibility in any landing environment.


The ​KINBON landing pad is 30-inches unfolded and folds to 11-inches.

5. SunfyreTek XL Drone Quadcopter Landing Pad

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The SunfyreTek XL landing pad is made of durable rubber. It is waterproof and dustproof to protect it in any environment. The bottom of the landing pad is non-slip so you can even use it on wet surfaces.

The SunfyreTek XL does not use a confusing folding pattern. It rolls up when you are ready to transport or store it. The high-contrast black and yellow design make it easy to see the SunfyreTek XL landing pad.


The SunfyreTek XL landing pad is 22×22-inches.

6. AURTEC Drone Landing Pad with 4 LED Lights

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The AURTEC landing pad is waterproof and sun resistant. It is made of high-quality nylon and features a contrasting design on each side.

The AURTEC landing pad includes 4 LED lights and 8 reflective strips to make perfect landings in the dark of the night.

The compass pattern on the AURTEC will help you find your direction in FPV mode if correctly positioned.


The AURTEC landing pad is 32-inches across when unfolded and folds to 12-inches.

7. FlatHat Collapsible Drone Landing Pad

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The FlatHat landing pad design is five color tones and colors are dyed into the fabric so there is no risk of peeling graphics.

The FlatHat comes with 3 aluminum stakes, so they can bite into the dirt better than plastic. The FlatHat landing pad is lightweight, only weighing 15-ounces, and collapses to 12-inches.


The FlatHat landing pad is 32-inches across unfolded and folds to a size of 12-inches.

8. Luminous InnoGiz Drone Landing Pad

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The ​Luminous InnoGiz Drone landing pad has LED lights around the perimeter of the landing pad and can be set to flashing, fast flashing, and static modes. Durable polyester fabric resists moisture content from collecting on the ​Luminous InnoGiz Drone landing pad in damp locations.

Two-sided, high-contrast, orange and blue designs on each side of the ​Luminous InnoGiz Drone landing pad.


The ​Luminous InnoGiz Drone landing pad is 30-inches across and folds to

9. Fstop Labs Waterproof Collapsible Foldable Drone Landing Pad

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The Fstop Labs landing pad is durable and waterproof. It features a two-tone design on each side in black and yellow.

The Fstop Labs landing pad comes with 8 reflective strips for low visibility landing. The landing pad features a compass design for easy navigation in FPV mode if properly positioned.


The Fstop Labs landing pad is 32-inches unfolded and folds to 12-inches.

10. Pieviev Drone Landing Pad

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The Pieviev is offered in a 24 and 31-inch landing pad size. The Pieviev landing pad is durable nylon with waterproofing and features a 3-color fabric.

The Pieviev landing pad is covered under a 100% 45-day guarantee and a 3-year warranty, so you are sure to be satisfied.


Previev makes a 24-inch and 31-inch landing pad that folds to 10 and 12-inches, respectively.

The Verdict

Our choice for the best drone pad on our top 10 list is the USA Gear Drone Landing Pad. The LED design makes it impossible to miss.

There are three choices of LED blinking rate, and the pad is even reversible. The pad is durable and moisture resistant.

The pad is smaller than some of the competitors at only 30-inches, and it does not come with a carrying case.

The pad rolls up, so if you have a bag there is not a great need for a carrying case. We found the size options of the Hoodman to be impressive, and we liked that it didn’t require any stakes. The Pieviev landing pad had an excellent warranty and a 45-day guarantee.

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