Parrot Disco Reviews: Pricing, Public Perception, and Comparison

Parrot offers a unique FPV with the Disco. This fixed-wing drone can gain speed and provide you with amazing gliding sensations. However, this drone isn’t accessible to those who lack piloting experience. Here is what you need to know about the Disco.

The Parrot Disco is an FPV with a unique design. This is a fixed-wing aircraft that provides a very different flying experience from quadcopters.

The goggles included with the drone create a highly immersive piloting experience that you are going to love. Here is what you need to know about this unique FPV.

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What Is The Parrot Disco And Why Is It Different From Other Drones?

flying parrot disco drone kit

The Disco is a fixed-wing from the brand Parrot. The design is similar to a plane or glider, and the aerodynamic wings allow you to reach speeds of 50mph when flying this FPV.

The drone weighs four pounds. The dimensions are 4.7×45.2×22.8 inches. You will find a propeller in the back of the FPV, but the drone mostly relies on its wings to soar and glide.

This design allows for a flight time of up to 45 minutes on a single battery charge.

The piloting experience is truly exceptional. You will get some unique flying sensations thanks to the aerodynamic design of the FPV and will see everything in first-person thanks to the cockpit glasses included with the drone.

The cockpit glasses are a pair of goggles that can fit a Smartphone with a 4.7 or 5.2-inch screen. The camera mounted on the FPV will transmit a video feed to your phone in real-time.

The FPV comes with the Parrot Skycontroller 2. This transmitter has a range of 1.2 miles and is extremely precise and responsive.

The controls are intuitive, and the drone is fairly accessible to beginners as long as they have experience with flying RC planes.

The FPV can also be used with other RC controllers as long as they use an SBUS, SUMD, or CPPM configuration.

Being able to choose your controller is an interesting feature. It makes for a more customized experience and can give you access to more precise controls as you get used to flying the Disco.

You can get started by relying on the automated features of the app and progressively start using the Skycontroller 2 as you develop better flying skills before deciding if you want to invest in a different transmitter.

The frame of the FPV is made from carbon and expanded polypropylene. The lightweight design and materials improve the portability, speed, and ability to glide.

Once you become familiar with the controls, you will be able to dive and climb with the FPV.

The Disco includes a smart autopilot mode. You can enable this mode to maintain a stable trajectory and focus on taking pictures or video. This mode can also be used to have the drone automatically return home.

The autopilot mode will maintain the speed and altitude of your choice. You can download the FreeFlightPro app to access more features. You can, for instance, indicate a safe flight space zone and to keep your Disco within a certain area. There is an assisted take-off and landing mode built into the app.

FreeFlightPro allows you to create routes, flight plans, control the camera angle, and adjust settings such as altitude and speed.

You can create a flight plan and indicate when you want the drone to take pictures or record videos. The app will also save data about your flight.

The app is intuitive, fun to use, and make the drone more accessible if are new to flying. We recommend that you rely on the automated features to use the drone safely until you have acquired stronger piloting skills.

The FPV features a 1080p camera. You can take HD pictures and record video thanks to the 32GB of internal storage. There are three axes to adjust the camera.

The Lithium battery that powers this drone allows you to fly for as long as 45 minutes on a single charge. It is a 2,700mAh battery.

What Makes The Parrot Disco Unique?

flying parrot disco drone

This FPV stands out because of its fixed-wing design. If you shop around for drones, you will find that most manufacturers exclusively offer quadcopters.

Quadcopters are fun to fly. They are stable and can hover in place while you take pictures and record videos. They are also more forgiving if you are new to flying a drone or want to get an FPV for your child.

However, the Disco will provide you with an unparalleled flying experience. Quadcopters can’t achieve the same kind of speed and gliding sensations you will get with a fixed-wing FPV.

Flying the Disco is a blast, especially with the goggles. You can also capture some unique videos thanks to the gliding motions of the Disco.

There is a learning curve for piloting the Disco, especially when it comes to landing. This is also a very rewarding experience, and the FreeFlightPro app will help you get started by automating certain actions.

We recommend that you use the app to create a safe fly zone to avoid accidentally going too far and causing the drone to disconnect.

You should also enable the return home feature to easily have the drone return to you in case you lose control.

You should also fly the drone in an area where there is plenty of space to take-off and land away from obstacles.

If you have a lot of experience with flying RC planes, you will probably feel comfortable with the Disco right away. You might want to rely on the app to see what the drone can do and take over with the transmitter.

The Disco also stands out thanks to the 45 minutes of battery life. Quadcopters use a battery to power four motors, which typically keeps the flight time under 20 minutes.

The range of 1.2 miles is impressive. It provides you with plenty of room to gain speed and glide without losing contact with your drone.

We think that the FreeFlightPro is another standout feature. The app makes the FPV a lot more accessible for beginners.

You can access flight data on the app, create a flight route, and use automated features to fly safely or focus on taking pictures.

The camera should also be mentioned. It captures amazing HD pictures and videos, and the three axes make the camera very versatile.


Unfortunately, the Disco is no longer sold by the manufacturer. You can still get the FPV online via resellers.

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You can get this drone on Amazon for $$. This includes the goggles and transmitter from the manufacturer.

A seller on the Walmart website has the same bundle for $$. You might also be able to find used drones on eBay, but they might not come with the original goggles and transmitter.

Public Perception

The Parrot Disco has a rating of 3.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Half of the reviewers gave the drone four or five stars while some experienced issues with the drone.

The positive reviews mention the amazing flight experience. The Disco is fun to fly and provides some amazing sensations. People love being able to gain speed and glide thanks to the fixed-wing design.

Overall, the shoppers who gave positive ratings to the drone are happy with the features included. They like getting assistance with controlling and landing the drone with the app.

Reviewers say that there is a learning curve to fly the drone. It is important to learn how to get the drone properly aligned for a landing. It’s a fun and rewarding process.

Reviews also mention the goggles, storage capacity for pictures and videos, and the HD camera.

Some reviewers feel that the drone is better-suited for those who have experience with RC planes. It is stable and easy to fly, but correctly lining up the drone for a landing can be difficult.

The negative reviews are based on technical problems with the product. Some shoppers had their drone disconnect in the middle of a flight, which caused the drone to crash.

Some experienced issues with the assisted landing feature. This could be due to not using the drone in an area where there is enough space to land properly.

The assisted landing feature will not engage until the drone is properly aligned.

It is best to fly the drone in an area where you will be able to retrieve it in case it becomes disconnected. You should also practice with a small RC plane to master landings before investing in this FPV.

How Does The Parrot Disco Compare To Other Drones?

There are a few other options to consider if you are interested in getting an FPV.

Parrot Bebop 2

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Parrot offers another amazing drone with the Bebop 2. This is a quadcopter that is easier to fly compared to the Disco, and reviews don’t indicate any issues with the app.

It weighs a little over 17 ounces and will provide you with 25 minutes of flight time. We recommend this quadcopter if you want a drone to take pictures and videos.

You can have the drone hover in place while you capture HD pictures and videos.

You can use the FreeFlightPro app with this drone. The app and transmitter included with the Bebop 2 are very intuitive. You can set a flight route in advance with the app, or use your phone or transmitter to pilot the drone.

The Bebop 2 also comes with the immersive first-person view goggles. If you want a drone that is fun to fly and more accessible than the Disco, we recommend the Bebop 2.

FTC Hunter

The FTC Hunter is a small and affordable fixed-wing drone. You can typically find it in the $80 price range.

We think the FTC Hunter is a great way to get started with piloting a fixed-wing FPV. The features are limited when compared to the Disco, but it’s a drone you can fly for fun without worrying about losing or damaging an expensive FPV.

The FTC Hunter will provide you with some fun flying sensations. The total wingspan is 26 inches, and the EPP frame is designed to resist crashes.

It is equipped with a small HD camera. The purpose of the camera is to provide you with a video feed rather than let you take high-quality pictures and videos.

This small FPV doesn’t come with a transmitter. You will have to get an RC transmitter with an S-Bus signal to fly it.

We think this small fixed-wing drone is a great introduction to flying an FPV with this type of design if you aren’t ready to spend a lot on a drone you might crash.

What We Think

The Disco is a great fixed-wing FPV if you have some experience with flying RV planes or have a safe space where you can practice taking off and landing.

Some shoppers seem to experience issues with the drone disconnecting during a flight. This is a significant issue given the price tag of the item.

We recommend that you do a few tests in a place where you will be able to easily retrieve the drone and contact the manufacturer if you experience these issues.

You should also consider practicing with a small RC plane until you learn how to land it safely.

The Disco stands out thanks to its design. A few other drones will provide you with the same exhilarating flying sensation.

However, the Disco isn’t an accessible drone for beginners due to possible issues with the assisted landing features, and the fact that it is an expensive drone that can get damaged if you make mistakes.

Due to the high price tag, it might be best to look into other options if aren’t an experienced RC pilot or don’t have a place where you can safely practice flying this FPV.

This fixed-wing FPV is one of the best products you will find if you are looking for a drone that provides you with amazing flying sensations and speed.

The camera is also worth mentioning, and the app makes the drone more versatile. We recommend this FPV if you have some experience with RC planes or drones with similar designs.

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