Using Drones for Real Estate

Drones are a groundbreaking new invention that fascinates the public with exciting videos and panoramic views.

However, there is much more to it than just entertainment and photography. 

Multiple businesses implement drones for product deliveries, surveillance, and aerial photography. Using drones for real estate serves the purpose of advertising and marketing properties.

Additionally, it allows to significantly save resources, and instead of hiring a full-fledged crew you can use one simple widget. There are tons of potential drone applications in real estate.   

Visual Content

Brokerage firms use drone photography for social media, website presentations, various internal materials, and press stories.

That is not surprising; drone photography provides a more robust understanding of the property. It presents the views from different angles, and tell a full story to a potential buyer or renter.

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Using drones for real estate allows a better understanding of the relationship between the neighboring buildings and the surrounding area.

Drone photography showcases areas that inaccessible to the regular photographer, such as rooftops and balconies.

Not every drone can produce quality aerial photography and visual content. If you decided to give drones a shot in producing quality visual content for your listing, review the best DSLR drones.

Investor Engagement  

In the case of new real estate developments, drone photography is an excellent way to plan the construction carefully.

Drone photography allows to visualize potential sights from different apartments and floors in the building. That is an excellent asset in refining the marketing strategy.

The videos and images show which apartment will have the best view and should be priced and marketed differently.

Aerial panorama from drones shows the view from the future building for potential tenants and investors. It also can showcase the neighborhood, the businesses around, and the adjacent parking or estate.

Aerial panorama view previously was an expensive whim made with helicopters. Obviously, it was immensely expensive and used to advertise multi-million dollar homes.

With drones, it has become a relatively cheap technology, and you can use it to professionally take photos of your property.

Property Evaluation  

Drones are truly convenient for mapping and inspection. They are ideal for when you need to get information promptly when inspecting a new building or investigating an insurance claim.

Using drones for real estate inspection allows to safely and efficiently capture the high-resolution aerial image of the vast property.

Modern drones are usually also equipped with various sensors and AI programs. They are capable of making real-time measurements and asses distance, area, volume, etc.

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There are various routine exterior inspections. Roofing, solar panels, and other rooftop equipment should be routinely checked for the leaks or damages.

Inspections of those things require the use of the ladders, ropes, rigs or large machinery. This is costly and also quite dangerous for the inspector.

Using drones for real estate evaluation is a cheap and effective solution for viewing difficult-to-access areas.

In contrast to the expensive man-powered inspections, drone inspections are cost-effective, quick and risk-free.

You don’t need to buy your own drone for the inspection as there are various companies that provide rent-out drones or perform drone inspections.

If you decided to operate the drone yourself, you might consider getting certified, since in certain regions this industry is heavily regulated.

Aerial Thermal Imaging

Certain drones are supplied with equipment for aerial thermal images. That allows them to help locate leaks, pipe bursts, and conduction problems. Those issues are really hard to detect and require enormous human resources. With drones that can be done in a matter of minutes.

In case you need to oversee a large property and perform the inspections on the regular basis, you can develop a fully automatic platform.

In this case, drone automatically deploys, conduct inspection, collect the data and land, while all the information is instantly downloaded to the server.

Similarly, drones can be used for the maintenance and inspection of the power grid and other key infrastructure.

This function is especially useful for properties located in the harsh climate conditions.

The accelerated wear and tear of the roofing and the infrastructure can endanger the residents and even the occasional pedestrians.


Using drones for real estate security allows to significantly reduce the number of CCTV cameras.

Just a couple of drones patrolling the perimeter can provide a wider outlook and realistic picture of the security situation.

A drone with unlimited aerial perspective is a valuable addition to the security efforts.

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There are various security hazards that have to be monitored continually. Checking the gas tank for a leak is a task that can be easily done by drone, without putting any humans at risk.

If the property is located near a forest, the presence of wild animals on can put people at risk or damage the property.

A drone can help to timely detect the threat and the buzzer on the drone can scare away the animal.

If you are operating a large commercial property, drones can be a great tool for monitoring the availability of the parking lots or watching the traffic on the nearby roads and interstates. That can become a major factor in planning big events and festivals. 


Using drones for real estate and construction is an affordable alternative to traditional marketing strategies. Drones are cost-effective and can perform tasks that previously required a large crew or expensive machinery.

Drones significantly reduce the risks, since they only require minimal human assistance and can reach hard-to-get areas.

Various real estate companies significantly reduce their costs through the use of drones, and it is important to keep track of the new development to stay ahead of the competition.

It is possible that tomorrow drones will replace the majority of the jobs in construction, transportation, and logistics.

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